English summary

It has been just over twenty years after the communist dictatorships all over Central and Eastern Europe collapsed. Since then the society as a whole has achieved previously unprecedented levels of liberties. For some reason the liberation never really entered the corporate world. An average business today still runs on the same principles like the good old communist Czechoslovakia. Perhaps because so many people still have vivid memories of our communist past, they see the contrast quite clearly and ask: “How come do we need to go every Monday morning some twenty, thirty years back in our history?; How come we feel free as citizens but not as employees? There must be a way to change our work the same way as we changed our life!”

Perhaps that is the reason why there has been so much buzz about freedom at work in our region. We’ve been trying to learn from the freedom based companies from all over, there’s been a lot of enthusiasm from people involved, yet working examples in the Czech Republic can be still counted easily. We believe that all there is to get it going on a big scale is to bring the critical mass together. One day, one venue, two parties, dozen great speakers, companies open to change, lots of networking and a bit of international touch is what we hope to make a switching mechanism for the boom of freedom at work in Czech Republic, Slovakia and perhaps the reagion as a whole.

Tania Le Moigne, CEO of Google Czech, Petr Vítek, co-founder of the coworking pioneer The Hub, Tomáš Sedláček, Czech government advisor and best-selling author of Economics of Good and Evil, Isaac Getz, the leading figure on innovation in management and co-author of besteselling Freedom Inc. or Martin Černohorský, CEO of EtNetera one of the top regional employers are just some of the people on stage. In the audience - companies who embrace innovation, freedom at work pioneers, freelancers, corporate linchpins and status quo ignorants ready to go back home, spread the word and start some change.

The conference will take place on 10th November 2011 in the unforgettable art deco surroundings of one of the oldest cinemas of Prague - Vzlet. (By the way what a great name for a venue where a movement is expected to 'take off', isn't it? :)

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Language of the event will be Czech, Slovak and English. Not translated.